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Welcome to Solutus Advisors

Solutus provides a clear approach to Loan Servicing: pro-active loan management with a key focus on the underlying real-estate.

Borne out of the challenging current market environment, the team at Solutus bring extensive knowledge of managing a range of structured products, from CMBS to Pfandbrief and syndicated loans, and have the experience of having recently grown and managed one of Europe’s leading Servicing platforms.

Complementing our own real-estate professionals, our strong relationships with key asset-focussed service providers ensures that, across 20 countries, Solutus is able to implement swift, on-the-ground, action whether that is a strategic review of asset management opportunities, or identifying immediate action needed to preserve value. Given the vast range of asset types, locations, and quality in the marketplace, strong relationships with external partners are a key tool in minimising cost and unlocking maximum recoveries.

In an ever-changing environment where each transaction offers its own unique set of challenges, the team at Solutus are driven to provide transparent, real-time solutions to the specific needs of each transaction.